Cage football and the search for Russian football culture

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8 thoughts on “Cage football and the search for Russian football culture

  1. GiulianoIbarreta 06.06.2018 at 15:22 - Reply

    Shoutout from the Philippines! 🇵🇭 we have a similar street football culture but it's more costly because available pitches are turf and owned by private corporations. Korobka in Russia : Turf in the Philippines

  2. Do the big pro Russian clubs have academies for kids? How successful are they at getting youngsters from the academies into the first teams? From what I've seen of Russian teams in the Champions League there looks to be a lot of foreign imports but not many homegrown stars.

  3. 4:17 Nothing new here. This happens at every big sporting event. They polish the place up by getting rid of homeless people and stray dogs and do a nice little paint job to hide some "flaws". Like they did with the cleaning up of favelas in Brazil 2014.

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